If you have a garage sale or flea market coming up, and no easy way of disposing of the leftovers, give Papa’s Thrift Shop a call!

In 2014, Heritage Collectibles (our antiques & collectibles business, located at 189 Main Street in Lewiston) helped several area churches & private garage salers by hauling off their yard sale leftovers, and donated over 35 Jeep-loads of household goods that we couldn’t use, to organizations that re-sold those items.

Among the items donated last year were two dozen fake Christmas trees… and then I (Linda, a social worker for three decades) learned that one of my clients was unable to get a Christmas tree for her daughter because she couldn’t afford one. She couldn’t even afford one of those I’d donated to be resold.

That made no sense to me.

This year, we opened Papa’s Thrift Shop.

Papa’s operates as a thrift shop/flea market with great prices for the general public, but with the unusual bonus of providing vouchers to social workers, allowing their very low-income clients to “purchase” up to $25 per month in clothing and household items from Papa’s – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Papa’s is a very small shop but you can find some GREAT bargains!

Come check out Papa’s, and do so often as our inventory changes frequently… we never know when a whole new load from a garage sale or church flea market will come in!

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