Scads of Floral Vases

5 boxes of vases - about 6 dozen or so - mostly glass but also milk glass and a few others

5 boxes of vases – about 6 dozen or so – mostly glass but also milk glass and a few others

Crafters and florists – we have scads of glass vases of all kinds for wicked cheap!   There are even a few milk glass vases in the mix.

I actually counted over 70 vases, and may have a florist interested… but if she doesn’t want them, they’re ready to go for just $30.00 – or about 40 cents per vase.  Not a bad deal considering most of them would sell at other thrift shops for between 50c and $1.50!  (It’s kind of a take-them-all deal, since they use up far too much space in our small shop!)

Give me a yell!

034 033 032 030


Location:  Papa’s Thrift Shop, 5 Park Street, Lewiston  ME 04240.

Hours: Vary, but usually 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm on Fridays | Saturdays | Sundays, and 12:00 noon to 2:oo pm on Monnday.  This can vary depending on the demands of our day jobs (Linda is a social worker, and John is the post press supervisor at the local newspaper), and our other business (Heritage Collectibles, an antiques & collectibles shop around the corner at 189 Main Street).

Contact us
… Linda: 207 740 2247 or
Generic Email
… Papa’

Message re Our Products & Services
As with most thrift shops, nearly all of the items we offer are pre-owned i.e. used. (Although sometimes items we receive are still in their original boxes.)  Therefore, reasonable wear & tear is to be expected, and our items are sold as seen and as described in the photos and/or in person.
Nearly everything at Papa’s is received as a donation in some form or another, which is the only way we can offer our Low Income Voucher Program.  The shop obviously needs to make enough money to survive (that is, pay rent, utilities, insurances, taxes, etc) so we must sell to the general public as well in order to keep our doors open.
Therefore, please be aware that items donated to Papa’s Thrift Shop are sold to the general public or given away via the Low Income Voucher Program on a first come, first serve basis.  We can’t – at this point anyway – separate items out, with some going to the program and others not… our space is just too small and our time is too limited.

Thank you for your support!

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