Free Clothing!

Free Clothing

It’s supposed to rain on Tuesday, September 29 and for the next several days afterwards. There is no room inside Papa’s for the clothing giveaway.

Therefore, if it does rain on Tuesday, there will be NO clothing giveaway that day.

Please try to come today, Monday September 28, between 12:30-2:00 if you want free clothes.

Please do NOT come early expecting to get at the clothing before other people arrive, as I have a board meeting and can’t get there early myself.  Once there, I will need time to set up.  If you are early, that’s fine, but you’ll just get stuck waiting.

Sorry about all of this… Thanks for understanding.

We’re still working on getting Papa’s reorganized and ready to reopen on Monday, October 5th.

Part of our reorganization has included deciding what kind of inventory has worked at Papa’s and what just takes up space… and in going through our records, we’ve determined that clothing is not a good use of the small amount of room we have in the shop.

SO….!!!  On Monday, September 28 from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm, and Tuesday, September 29 from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, we’ll have bins of clothing outside Papa’s, all free for the taking. After those two days, any clothing left over will be donated elsewhere.

Most of what we have is women’s clothing, sizes small (0-6) and medium (8-14), although we do have some kids, men’s and larger women’s sizes!

We invite you to come on down and get it while the getting’s good!  Please, please, please, though… only take what you truly need.  Papa’s runs a voucher program for low income people, and that’s who we hope to serve with this clothing giveaway… people who really could use the clothing.

Sorry; there are NO other times available to view and take the clothing; my schedule is so crammed full this week that I can’t possibly squeeze another minute out of it.

While we’ll have some bags on site, please plan to bring your own.

Also – and I really hate to have to say this – anyone who makes a mess and dumps clothing on the ground or otherwise creates a problem will be asked to leave.  We have an acquaintance who did similar giveaways and was left with having to pay people to clean up the mess left behind by inconsiderate pickers who went through his dumpsters and strewed stuff all over the place; he no longer does giveaways because he’s so disturbed by such rude behavior.

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