Clearance at Papa’s Thrift Shop / Low Income Voucher Program


We’ve recently picked up a lot of inventory that went directly into Papa’s Low Income Voucher Closet.  Some of the stuff is good quality and usable; some of it is stuff that’s just taking up space and we wish people would please-please-please take it away.  Papa’s Closet is crammed full and we really need to clear stuff out.

So, for a short time, we’ve marked down the prices of almost everything in Papa’s Closet to 10c or 25c each.  (A very few items are still their usual $1.00 to $5.00 or so.)

That means that if you’re low income and have a voucher, you could get 100 or more items with your monthly $25.00 family voucher.  (Anyone on MaineCare qualifies; even your children… we have quite a few kids toys and stuffies!)

HOLD EVERYTHING!  What if I’m not low income and want to buy things from Papa’s Closet??  Well, that’s no problem at all… we’d totally love to actually take in some money from this program, rather than giving it away!  Come on in and bring your dollar bills!  (HAHA!)

IMG_8355 IMG_8350

Take a look at the pictures, and talk to your social worker, case manager, or whomever, and make an appointment to come on in and help me clear out that closet!  (We do have plenty of plastic grocery store bags that you can use to carry things, but if you have larger cloth bags it might be a good idea to bring them!)

Most of the stuff left over after Sunday, February 21st will be donated to Goodwill or some other thrift store, so please plan to come in NOW and take it away!

NOTE: Please do not message, post or call to find out what we have.  We both have full time jobs in addition to running Heritage Collectibles, Papas’s and our soon-to-open bookstore.  We just don’t have time to respond!

IMG_8354 IMG_8352 IMG_8348 IMG_8349

Papa’s Thrift Shop, with our Low Income Voucher Program, has made some changes to make the program work better for our customers (and for ourselves!).

We haven’t had the time to really work on soliciting the donations needed to keep the shop filled with items that can be given away, so last fall we also added in a lot of very cool products that we bought at auctions and other sales.  It made the shop wicked cute and fun!

However, that got confusing, since we had to say “Yes, this is part of the Voucher Program, but that isn’t”.  It just didn’t work out very well, but obviously we can’t give away inventory we’ve paid for.  We’d lose our shirts!  (Unless there’s someone out there willing to fund us so we become independently wealthy…. Nah.  That’s pretty unlikely to happen!)

Because we gave away a LOT of stuff last summer, our inventory for the Low Income Voucher Program had become pretty limited (although we still have quite a bit).  As a result, it made sense to move the Voucher Program inventory into a smaller space.

Luckily, that was easy to do.  We just moved Papa’s into a cute space inside Heritage Collectibles, our arts and antique shop that’s just around the corner at 189 Main Street in Lewiston.

Everything in the new Papa’s Thrift Shop is available for free to people with the Low Income Vouchers they can get from their social workers. (If your social worker doesn’t have any vouchers, or doesn’t know about the program, have him/her call Linda at 207 740 2247, or email me at Papa’

Also, we know that sometimes it’s really tough to afford furniture.  And we’ve heard that if you go to one of those rental places, you end up spending megabucks over the long run. That just makes it even harder for people who are low income, or whose kids with behavioral disabilities destroy the household furniture over and over.

So we’ve been able to tag some furniture that can be purchased at a significant discount (and our prices are already pretty low compared to similar shops).

Again, you’ll have to have a referral from a case manager or social worker, but that’s a small price to pay to be able to afford the basic things every home needs such as chairs, tables, dressers, and so forth.

Please be aware that we don’t always have everything or anything in stock that you might want, and that there are many items we can’t give a discount on.

In any event, take a look at the pictures posted here, which show just a few of the items available at Papa’s through the Low Income Voucher Program, and make an appointment to come on in!   PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE WITHOUT HAVING A CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT.  Thanks!


Location:  Papa’s Thrift Shop at 189 Main Street, Lewiston ME 04240 (there’s a special section of Heritage Collectibles reserved for Papa’s Thrift Shop and the Low Income Voucher Program).

Hours: Papa’s hours for February are as follows (although there almost certainly will be changes here and there, based on Linda’s job).

Mondays – 10:00-2:00
Tuesdays – 10:00-2:00
Wednesdays  closed
Thursdays – 10:00-2:00
Fridays – 10:00-2:00
Saturdays – 2:30-5:00
Sundays – 12:00-4:00

Contact us:
… Linda: 207 740 2247 or
Generic Email

Message re Our Products:
Most of the items we offer are pre-owned (although you’ll find some things still have tags on them).  Therefore, reasonable wear & tear is to be expected, and our items are given away as seen and as described in the photos and/or in person.

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