More Changes at Papa’s Thrift Shop

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Good morning everyone!

Over the past several months, Johnny and I have been wrestling with how to manage Papa’s Thrift Shop. Our arts & antiques shop (Heritage Collectibles) has somewhat changed its focus because of our customers’ requests: we doubled in size and added more furniture, which is doing really well.

Given my very demanding full-time job as a social worker, I couldn’t run both Heritage Collectibles and Papa’s Thrift Shop (I’d have to lock up one shop to open the other), and John (whose job is just as demanding but with a schedule that’s far less flexible than mine) just didn’t have the time to learn and manage all the ins & outs of both shops, including Papa’s Low Income Voucher Program.   What was particularly difficult was that at our 5 Park St location, the Voucher program inventory was mixed in with regular Thrift Shop inventory, which was confusing to everyone.   (Yes, this item is free.  No, that one is not.)

We also couldn’t afford a full retail shop of just free items, yet the quality and selection of the donations we’d recently been getting didn’t really appeal to people who might make the purchases that would allow us to keep the Voucher program running from its own separate space.  As a result, we were open fewer and fewer hours as we concentrated on Heritage Collectibles.

In the meantime, Heritage Collectibles also had many requests for more books & maps, which we hadn’t been able to accommodate, even in our expanded space.

We finally came to the conclusion that Papa’s Thrift Shop – as its own unique retail space – would have to be consolidated into Heritage Collectibles at 189 Main St, and that 5 Park Street, where Papa’s was located, would become Heritage Books & Maps.  John will mostly manage the Books & Maps shop, and I’ll mostly manage Heritage Collectibles.

So, Papa’s isn’t really closing, but we’re still figuring it out.  We still have the Low Income Voucher Program (and a large closet full of free items for that Voucher program), and we expect to clear a space in the back of Heritage Collectibles for thrift shop type items.

Unfortunately, given our day jobs, this is all very slow going for which we really, really apologize.

If you’ve been in Heritage Collectibles recently, you’ve seen that we are full to the rafters (ha! if there were rafters in the shop, that is) and it’s looking pretty disorganized. However, once we’re done moving things around, Heritage Collectibles will look lovely again, Papa’s Thrift Shop will have its own space, and Heritage Books & Maps will be the “coolest little book store in town”.

Thanks for understanding!
Linda & John

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2 Responses to More Changes at Papa’s Thrift Shop

  1. Linda caouette says:

    I was in there last week with my mom. We bought a couple things. I only work weekends at my job and have free time during the week to help you organize the place. I would do it voluntary just for something to do as I love doing that kind of stuff. And also I was wondering if you found the box with the little shoes in? Let me know as I can come in when you are there and help you….

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    • lindasnyder says:

      So sorry – I just saw this!! Thanks so much for your offer; we’re slowly getting the work done. At this stage of the game we really need to do it ourselves because we’re still figuring some things out. (We’ve had friends offer to help and have had to turn them down.) But one never knows what the future will bring! Thanks again!


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