Papa’s Thrift Shop to Reopen


After being closed as a separate shop for over a year (during which time it was consolidated into a section of Heritage Collectibles), Papa’s Thrift Shop will reopen soon in its previous location at 5 Park Street in Lewiston.

Last spring, in order to open Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera, we had decided to use the space at 5 Park Street for that bookstore, which was my husband John’s baby.  He loved planning and working in that little bookstore, and had almost gotten it organized to his satisfaction when he tragically died last October.

As most people know, I’ve been devastated by John’s death, and it’s taken a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the shops, and how to manage them on my own, especially since I also work full-time as a social worker.

Finally, some brainstorming with a friend and co-worker helped me sift through the various possibilities… Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera is being incorporated into the Heritage Collectibles, our antique shop at 189 Main Street (just around the corner, in the same building) which will now be known as Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps.

And Papa’s will reopen in its original location.

We hope (and I say “we” because it will always be John and me – and because frankly, I still run everything by him, even now), to re-start our Low Income Voucher Program, as well as our Affordable Furniture Service.

And we plan to have special events, such as 50% off for veterans on Veterans’ Day. Other ideas include on-going discounts for veterans, and some programs & services we haven’t fully planned out yet.


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder (Papa to his grandchildren)
20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016.

He loved our shops, especially Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera – it was his baby.

He loved me, and oh how I loved him.

Follow our blog at, in honor of my husband, and all others who have been lost to internal demons that in the end, overwhelmed them.

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